Take control of your development

I finally realised we should focus on growth and progression and not the materialistic factors when pursing goals, life & career ambitions

Of course, I value progression, my sporting and educational background are built on the premises of progression. Success too, but how can you succeed without progressing?

Its become a mindset of mine over the past few months, ever since I heard Tony Robins articulate the 6 human needs (1). Its this discovery on how we feel, how others feel, that determines how we act and the destination of our journey as a professional, person, sportsman/woman etc. There are 2 human needs that give us that desperate need of fulfilment:

Growth (Progression) – “The constant emotional, intellectual & spiritual development”

Contribution– “The need to give beyond ourselves, give, care, protect, & serve others” (1)

It’s a trend view, that we are in the age of consumerism, we want more and we want it now. In the days of Uber, Deliveroo and so on, what can’t we have now! What about Success & development?

With billions of pounds spent every year on advertising, telling you, you can have more, for less, NOW. Without realising, we conform to this. Identifying that “I need that new phone, car, holiday”. Why? Why do you need this? Because it makes you feel happy. Of course it does, the short term. The one way to sustain this, do it again. This premises is supported by many, including social figures such as Russel Brand, who argues how much of threat this is to our way of  living and how this can affect our mindset. Karren Williams, an online business entrepreneur from the USA, supports this notion by directing us to the mental health issues caused by constantly needing more! (2,3)

So how do these link, How do you rank your friends, colleagues, family? Because you do, you may not realise this, but in todays world controlled by social media and instant feedback, in regards to likes and retweets, we review our life with the success of a post or picture.

By what job they have? The car they drive? How big their house is? How does this make you feel? Inspired? Maybe. Threatened? Maybe. Hunger for what they have? And to have it now! Probably. Its this mentality, one created by our consumeristic nature, a nature we’ve been directed to live by. So why don’t we step back, look and analyse the finer details. What variables have got them there? To this there is no definitive answer, it can be as varied as luck, hard work, intelligence and so on. Because your friend has a larger house, are they better? Have they achieved more? What about the progress they have made?

Its this last statement that supports this whole blog,We should focus on growth and progression and not the materialistic factors when pursing goals

As a society we need look at where we have come from, not where we are. How can we expect all people to achieve at the same rate or even want the same products, lifestyle etc. We can’t.


This famous graphic, quoting Albert Einstein, for me, again highlights this view. We are fed this view, from schools, television, parents, that being at the “top of the tree, is the only way to fulfil your needs and wants.” But again, how can we expect our “fish” to climb the tree.  We can analyse this suggestion in multiple ways. Change each character to someone you know. Do they all have the same characteristics?

In my profession or industry, I look at coaches, children in the same light. How can I expect all these people to reach the top, I can’t. However, I can expect each to progress and develop. Praising & promoting this will help them to fulfil their needs. Ask yourself, did you think you’d get this job? Play that well? 5 years ago, could you see yourself being here? This is the mindset you need, to continue progressing. “Wow, look how far I’ve come, imagine where and what I could be in 5 more years”. Long term development and lifelong learning will fulfil that need greater than the new iPhone X or whatever the next trend is. It may be a slower process but measuring your growth and progress will help you in your mission to becoming happier, in yourself.

To conclude, ask yourself, when did I last attend training? Or CPD? If this was recently great, when are you next going?

 If this was last year? How do you expect to have the job your friend has? Take control of your development and learning, read, study and your pathways will open, your mindset will change, and your needs will feel much easier to combat. Having a growth mindset, has changed my approach to daily situations, my previous fixed mindset limited me and confided me to wanting more, now (5). I now understand this is not going to happen. But, I can have the things I want, but I must work and be patient for them (6).

Make your plan now, “What can I do to develop” make your, 24,7,31!


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